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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics

Further Fields of Competence of SIO

Higgs field mechanism in optimization problems for soft boundaries

Higgs field mechanism in optimization problemsSIO has developed a new concept allowing the incorporation of soft or weak boundary conditions into tasks of complex optimization (linear, nonlinear or discrete programming). This also helps with a much more holistic consideration of social problems. The method uses a varieties of the Higgs mechanism:

We are currently applying the new technique in optimizing product development and marketing procedures using real (and usually soft) social constraints.

New approaches for solving transport and diffusion problems in technical applications

Application examples of new approaches for diffusion problemsPossible examples of applications:

  • Diffusion based devices (optimum structural solutions)
    • Weapon grade enrichment – ultra-accelerated
    • Next generation of rechargeable batteries (e-car)
    • Light weight fuel storage
  • Better understanding of bio-processes
    • Bionical, biotechnical and medical applications
  • Optimized freshwater cleaning
  • Optimized desalination of sea water
  • … and more

related publications:


These works have been supported by Wolfram Research Inc. and Additive GmbH.

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