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Do the results of your nanoindentation or scratch test not match the results from the real-life application?

Do your coatings successfully pass all standard or industry tests (e.g. DIN EN ISO 6508-1, DIN EN 1071-3, ASTM C1624, DIN EN ISO 14577, ISO 26443, DIN EN ISO 6507, DIN EN ISO 4516, ASTM E2546, ISO 20502) during quality assurance, but catastrophically fail in field tests or even in use?

Do your indenter tips break away often or wear off quickly (e.g. on hard DLC coatings)?

New! Are the results of your tribology experiments incomparable?

Two ill-suited experiments: Rockwell hardness test HRC and scratch test according to DIN EN 1071
Why is it important to properly design contact experiments for coated or treated surfaces?
Two examples of ill-suited test methods illustrate: the Rockwell hardness test HRC and the scratch test according to DIN EN 1071 basically measure the substrate only.

Maybe you should review the design of your experiment!

This webservice helps you designing instrumented indentation measurements, scratch tests, calotte grinding tests or tribology experiments on both coated and uncoated surfaces in order to obtain meaningful and reproducible information.

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