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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics

SIO OptiCycle - The Surface Optimization Cycle

SIO OptiCycle

The SIO OptiCycle is a holistic approach to a targeted design or optimization of arbitrarily structured surfaces for the desired application, which comprises mechanical contact experiments like instrumented indentation, scratch test, and tribology experiments as well as simulation-based surface engineering.

A complete optimization cycle
A complete optimization cycle consists of design of experiments, their physical analysis to identify mechanical parameters, and optimization of coating systems for a specific application.

Block Offer

The ultimate offer to get much more out of your equipment:

1 license of FilmDoctor Studio ISA Edition 30,000 €
+ 1 license of Test Optimizer 1,000 €
+ 1 DPM (double person month*) worth of our modeling, simulation, and parameter identification capabilities (usually sufficient for one complete optimization cycle).
Meaning, we
  • design your measurements**,
  • analyze your measurements physically and
  • subsequently optimize the surface of your product for your most critical application.
15,000 €
+ full report + videos + FilmDoctor projects files of the optimization cycle allowing you to:
  • Follow all measurement design and analyzing steps.
  • Remodel and resimulate each and every bit of our optimization cycle.
  • Adapt and optimize any model as you wish.
  • Check out the performance of your product to be expected with other possible applications (simply by “playing” with the models).
  • Obtain hints and suggestions for structural and matieral optimization.
  • Dramatically accelerate your product development and optimization.
  • Shorten the time to find weak points and failure mechanisms.
  • Save a lot of prototyping and trial-and-error testing.
  • Defend yourself against unjustified claims with respect to your product.
  • Finally result in an significantly improved product giving you an competitive edge on the market.
4,000 €
= 50,000 €
zzgl. MwSt.
* About 20 working days of one theoretician plus one programmer / engineer. This is usually enough for a complete optimization cycle. We will inform you as soon as possible if it should emerge before or during the project that this scope of work will not suffice.
** The measurements themselves are not included, though we would be glad to find an appropriate lab for you.

Please ask us for more information or a price quotation!

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