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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics

Consulting about Measurement Instrument Acquisition

We find the most adequate contact measurement instrument[?] for your products!

Which instrument is your winner?

The choice of a surface tester is very important, because the results of the physical evaluation can only be as good as the measurement data obtained from the measurement instrument. The answer to the question "Which is the most appropriate measurement equipment for you?" depends on many aspects, e.g.:

  • Which material (classes) are used and which typical properties do they possess?
  • How complex are the surface structures of your products?
  • To what purposes should the surface tester be used?
  • What are the intended applications of your products?
  • Which information does a measurement instrument provide in addition to the mere measurement data?
  • What quality are the measurement data of?
  • Which measurement methods are supported?
  • and so forth

As each measurement instrument has got its advantages and disadvantages, it is more or less appropriate for certain objectives. Hence, it must be determined accurately which one of the various surface test equipments available on the market meets your needs best according to the criteria mentioned above and a lot more.

Which way to go?

Ask us - we will find the best instrument for you!

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