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Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics

Unorthodox Usage of Higgs Field Mechanism in Every Day Problems

Norbert Schwarzer, Saxonian Institute of Surface Mechanics SIO, Tankow 2, 18569 Ummanz / Rügen, Germany, www.siomec.de, e-mail: n.schwarzer@siomec.de


Why should a wonderful mathematical procedure like the Higgs field mechanism only give the universe its mass? Why not applying this interesting concept of mass and inertia production also to completely different fields? You might be surprised to what other problems the Higgs mechanism can be of use and you might be even more surprised about the interesting results and solutions these new combinations of completely different technical and scientific fields does create.

Some might ask “What is to gain when we make things massy?” and one might even hear it ring like the other word written with an “e” instead of an “a”, but it wouldn’t be the first time that by making something a bit more complex or introducing an unusual combination of techniques, things, in essence, are getting simpler instead of more complicated.


Some Applications

  1. Simple Example of an Adapted Optimization Problem With Soft Boundary Conditions
  2. Find "Shortest" Individual Tour Around the World
  3. School Transport and Circadian Rhythmic
  4. A Consequent Dynamic Bank Stress Test
  5. Game theory with partially irrational players – OR – From the „Prisoner’s Dilemma“ to „The Greek’s Dilemma“
  6. Society Simulations Using Cellular Automata Embedded in Interfering Fields
  7. Haptic Optima for Endlessly Touchable Surfaces and the Paradox Double Egg Shell Effect
  8. Interesting Coincidences


The author is extremely thankful to D. Fischer from LMU Munich for her contributions and critical input to example 3 and to T. Bodan for his valuable input to example 8.
This work has also been supported by Wolfram Research Inc. and Additive GmbH.


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